How to Upload Files

Files are uploaded and stored in the Module "Files".

To upload files, either select the folder from the archive structure to the right and click «Upload new file» at the bottom of the page or click directly on the + at the top of the menu to access the upload interface:


The upload process depends on the configuration of the intended storage folder. At the top of the upload page, there are different options available, depending on the project and folder configuration:


A maximum of 3 GB can be uploaded into the system in one process (see Upload restrictions here)

Add prefix / replace 

After you have chosen a folder you might be required to fill out the meta data. The filename of the file you want to upload will be comprised of the meta data you have chosen, followed by the original file name.


Only one file can be uploaded at once.

If no routing is assigned, you will not be required to enter metadata. In that case, after you have selected the storage folder, you can simply drag and drop all files for that folder to the upload page. All filenames will remain unchanged.


In some projects, this option is called "Replace". The process is the same, but the filename in the system will be comprised of the chosen metadata and the original filename will be replaced.


Use this option if the file name of the file you want to upload already corresponds to the necessary filenaming convention, so that the meta data and file directory can be identified. This way, you can upload several correctly named files at once:


Drag and drop all files to upload in the box or select a zip-folder to upload and unpack.

Parsing can only be used if the storage folder is assigned to a routing and the given filename corresponds to the filenaming convention

Some projects also offer the option "do not parse". Using this option, the file can be uploaded without any coding to the chosen folder.

Uploading ZIP Files

Parsing: You can upload several correctly named files simultaneously to the system by uploading them as a zip-file. The files will be unpacked during the upload process and then stored in the corresponding file directory.

If a zip-file should not be unpacked during the upload process, you must create a double zipped file. After you have created the first ZIP, repeat the process and Zip the already zipped files again. The system will only unpack the first layer, if there are any zip files left after the first unpacking, they will be then stored as a zip-file and not be unpacked further.

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