Using the Symbols next to Files

In the module Files different symbols can be found next to files:


The symbols allow for extra information or operations which are explained in the following article.

mceclip7.png Checkbox / mceclip12.png Double Checkbox 

Use the boxes in the first column to select files. Check each box next to the file you want to select. To select all files click on the double checkbox at the top of the page: mceclip13.png

Upto 100 files can be checked simultaniously using the double checkbox at the top.

mceclip9.png Delivery List

When you click on the icon, you will be shown the delivery list. This page contains information about the distribution of the file:


The list of recipients shows to whom the file has been forwarded. The checkmark indicates the delivery status, the date and time record when the file was accessed by the recipient.

Use the tabs at the top to review additional information, i.e. when the files were sent under "Sender" of if any tasks are linked to the file under the tab "Tasks".

If the delivery list mceclip0.pngis displayed in red, the file is locked:

mceclip3.png File Information

The file information contains all relevant data regarding the file such as assigned metadata, comments (Redlining), references and details.


Besides providing information, select actions can also be executed via the file information:

The filename can be modified in the first line. This option is not advisable if the filename must adhere to the filenaming convention. If modifying the filename the new name can be tested with the button «Test» to the right. 

Quick access to select functions can be found in the second line in the drop-down menu below the filename. Choose an option from the menu and click «Execute» to the right to perform the chosen action.

Depending on the type of modification, click either «Save» or «Parse and save» at the bottom of the page to finish.

Use Save for simple modifications such as "Confidential" or modifications to the description

Use Parse and save anytime modifications to the metadata have been made such as assigning new key words or changing the filename of files that must be named after the filenaming convention.


mceclip14.png the symbol will contain an extra icon in the bottom right to indicate when the file has been referenced with another file from the system. The referenced file(s) can be found under the tab "References":


mceclip4.png PDF Preview

When uploading files, the system may automatically create a PDF-Preview of the file, which is indicated by the symbol. The PDF symbol is not the file itself but you can click on the symbol to receive a preview of the actual file. 

Not all files have this symbol, it is dependent on the system if a preveiw is created and cannot be influenced by the user.

mceclip5.png Comment Files 

Click on the pencil icon to make comments in files.

See: How to Comment Files here.

If a file contains comments, the filename will appear in red. mceclip2.png

The comments can be viewed and also deleted in the file information mceclip3.pngunder the tab "Redlining":

mceclip6.png Recycle Bin 

This symbol indicates that the file has been moved to the Recycle Bin (deleted). 

Participants can only see their own files in the Recycle Bin or if they have been forwared the deleted file and already accessed it. 

mceclip1.png Confidential 

The lock indicates that the file is marked as "Confidential". If a file is marked as confidential, only users who have been forwarded the file have access to it. The file will not be shown in the folder to any other users.

See: Marking Files as Confidential here.

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