TP CDE Help Centre

The following article gives you an overview of the functions of TP CDE, as well as the corresponding help centre articles, which offer you further information and instructions on the respective topics.

Unlock value from considerable volumes of data. In AECO projects, information comes in a variety of different formats, from drawings and documents to BIM models. Project teams need a solution that can deal with this information and connect it in a way that unlocks value by providing a complete picture.



  • Straightforward information and BIM management
  • Smart filing and searching in a central cloud
  • Open interface integrates easily with other software


Signing Up

Once you have registered for your TP CDE account and your project manager has notified Thinkproject, you will be added to the appropriate project rooms. If you have not received your activation email, please contact us and we will be happy to assist with this.

If you are missing any options to work within the project room, e.g. being able to upload a drawing, please contact your project management so we can adjust your rights to your user account accordingly.

If you have forgotten your password or wish to reset this, please see our Changing/Updating Password article.


Working within the project room

Once you have successfully logged into a project room, you will now be able to navigate within different sections. This can involve uploading project documents or project drawings. If you are unsure how a drawing code should be created, please refer to our help article.

Other document types which you will also be able to work with (should you have the rights for this) within the project room are BIM and Defect Management.


Project Administrators

Should you have any content questions you can refer to your project administrator/managers. You can usually find their contact information in the information box located at the top of the project room, next to 'Project Name'. Alternatively, you can find them within the user section, and they will be highlighted with a red user symbol.


Additional Support

Should you require any additional support, please either raise a support ticket or call us, and a member of our Support Team will be happy to help.

Need further help? Contact our Support Team