Requesting a RAMM Login

If you need a RAMM Login, you will need to talk to your RAMM Administrator.

Talk to Your RAMM Administrator

In almost all organisations, there is a person charged with managing user access to their RAMM database.

There are two steps to the process of enabling you to use RAMM. First, the RAMM Administrator needs to create an account for you which will give you access to the website. Secondly, they grant you RAMM database access and Staff Permissions to a level sufficient to enable you to perform your job once you are in the database.

If your organisation does not have a RAMM Administrator, or you don’t know who that person is, you need to contact RAMM Support.


If you are a contractor you should have a RAMM Administrator who can create an account for you. The situation may arise that you are not able to contact the RAMM Administrator for your organisation. In some rare situations RAMM Support will create a login account for you (with no database access rights). You can then pass your details to the Network Owner who will grant you the appropriate Staff Permissions.

If you are contractor you will also need access to the specific contract or contracts under which you will perform your work.

Don’t Know Your RAMM Administrator

You can phone or email RAMM Support and our Support staff will usually be able to direct you to the RAMM Administrator for your database. That person will then create a RAMM Login for you and grant you the correct level of access.

Need further help? Contact our Support Team