Homepage Overview

The purpose of this article is to explore the tabs available within the Formworks homepage. There are two main areas to the Formworks site, Form Templates and Admin. When you first login to Formworks, if you are a Form Author the Form Templates tab will display.

Form Templates Tab

The Form Templates tab provides options to Create, Edit, Retire/Delete or Duplicate forms. You can
also create folders to personalise using your templates and import CSV data to prefill forms.


Admin Tab

The Admin Tab provides options to Manage Users & Roles, Manage User Groups, Manage Devices,
Manage Exports, allocate exports to templates (Template Exports), Export History, Licence
information and Sync Management.


Install Tab

Clients using Enterprise versions of Formworks can access the Install tab from their iPad to download
the latest version of the Formworks Application.

Docs Tab

Selecting this tab opens the folder containing the current user guides and other useful support type

Support Tab

The Support tab takes you to the Digital Field Solutions Ltd support centre. You would use this
option to create a new support ticket, should you experience problems with the Formworks
application or associated software. You could also check the status of an existing support ticket.
Alternatively, you can email support@digitalfieldsolutions.com with any support related queries you
might have.

Log Off Tab

The Log Off tab logs you out of the system and returns you to the log on screen.

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