Folders provide an easy means to group and select your templates. The purpose of this article is to explore the Folders within Formworks.

Creating Folders

Click the horizontal black line to the left of the template that you wish to place in your folder. Select the Choose an existing folder field to select an existing folder, or enter a new folder name in the OR create a new one field.

Select a colour to easily identify the folder on the Form Templates screen. The colour will show on the use button next to the colour wheel. You can select the use button to save the selected colour, then try other colours for comparison. If you decide you preferred your original colour selection, just click on the reset button to revert to your original use colour.

Select the Save button to create your folder.


Adding Templates to a Folder

As above, click the horizontal black line next to the Template. Select the folder you wish to add the
template to, or create a new one, in the example, Demo Folder. Select a colour to represent the
folder, then select the Save button.

Deleting a Folder

Either select the Folder icon against a template in the Folder you wish to delete, in which case the
Folder screen will be populated with the correct folder, or select any Folder icon, then select the
folder to be deleted from the list box. Then click the bin icon to delete.

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