Add / Change E-Mail Address

To change the e-mail address of you account for notifications, click on the mceclip1.png username / icon in the top right-hand corner of the project starting page and then click on "My profile" to open the User Settings:



Depending on which profile ("Global data" or "Project data") is active in your settings - indicated by the marked button next to the name - modify the entries for the active profile as needed.


  • If the "Global data" is active, all modifications for this profile will apply to all projects where the Global data is activated.
  • If the profile "Project data" is active, the modifications will only apply to the project you are currently in.

Change or add an e-mail address to the active profile in the textbox:
E-Mail (without umlauts and spaces; multiple addresses separated by semicolons)


When adding multiple addresses, separate each entry with a semicolon:;;

Click «Save» at the bottom of the page once all modifications have been made.

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