My Organisation

The purpose of this article is to explore the tabs available within the My Organisation section of the New Admin Panel. This section is only accessible to users with Organisation Admin rights.

Video content is available below.



Basic Details

Within the Basic Details tab, you can view details such as your company name, main contact's details, address etc:


At the bottom of this tab, you can view and edit the Client Logo, Default Contract Logo and Default Party 1 Letterhead:


Access & Security

Within the Access & Security tab, in the Access section you can see how many contracts you have, along with the number of contract and User licenses available. 

Within the Security section, you can see if the client account is active, see whether 2FA is switched on or off, and see the number of security questions required for your environment.


At the bottom of this tab, you can see the Contract types allowed within your environment. If you wish to discuss the Contract types allowed, you may wish to liaise with your account manager as this is dependent on your client set up.

Please note, these will be greyed out and can only be amended by the Support Team.



In the Associations tab, you can see your categories, frameworks, divisions and sites. For guidance on how to create/edit these, please refer to our help article.


Change Control Categories

Within the Change Control Categories tab, you are able to view any existing change control categories, and create new:


To edit any existing items, select the pencil icon.

To create a new change control category, select the + icon:


You will then be prompted to enter the control category name:


Once you have entered the name, select Add, followed by the save icon in the top-right corner:


Message Board

Within the Message Board tab you can view any existing messages, and add new messages. To add a new message, select the + icon:


You will then be able to enter your message and select the display from and to dates:


You are also able to edit and remove any existing messages by selecting the pencil and bin icons highlighted below:



Within the Audit tab you are able to view an audit log containing date and time stamps of User activity:


General Events

Within the General Events tab, you are able to add pre-submission fields to display in your GE Subcontracting events, by selecting the + icon:


Once you have entered the status, select Add:


If you are happy with the status you have added, click the yellow save icon in the top-right corner. Alternatively, you can select the 3 dots to edit or delete the status:



Within the Downloads tab you can view your client level reports - User Contract & Threshold Information and Detailed User Information. You can download these by pressing the green Download button against each:


You can also include Practice Contracts and Inactive/Archived contracts for the User Contract & Threshold Information report by selecting the tick boxes.

Video Tutorial

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