Admin Tab Overview

The Admin tab provides options to manage users and user groups, devices, exporting data, the export history and licence, Sync Management, Databases and Token Management information. There are ten potential tabs to administer your Formworks account.

● The Manage Users & Roles tab displays details of all of your user accounts for Formworks. You can create new users and edit existing user accounts.
● The Manage User Groups tab allows you to group users together and assign form templates to groups.
● The Manage Devices tab displays details of each device that has the Formworks application.
● The Manage Exports tab allows you to set up export types for the forms.
● The Templates Exports tab allows you to link forms to an export.
● The Export History tab provides details of all form data exports. This includes whether the export was successful, and if an email was sent. Forms that have not been archived can be viewed here.
● The Licence tab provides details of your licence agreement.
● The Sync Management tab provides details of the synchronisation process to the iPad.
● The Databases tab provides a method of uploading databases, in the form of CSV files that can be used by your templates. For example, a database could contain client contact information or product pricing data, that your templates could look up, even when offline.
Token Management enables web form open links to be created and managed.
SQL Bridge Management provides details of forms uploaded via the SQL Bridge as well as
updates within the app.

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