Manage User Groups

The Manage User Groups tab allows you to create user groups to manage user access to your Formworks form templates. Users and templates can be assigned to multiple user groups. User groups make it easy to develop templates, allocating them only to developers and testers, within a Test Group environment, then rolling the templates out to a small number of users in say a Demo Group, then finally publishing the templates and deploying them to the field force, a few users at a time, in a controlled roll-out strategy.


Lists of User Groups, Users and Templates are displayed in the three tables.

● The tables are sorted alphabetically by their content. But, making selections places related and relevant list items in alphabetical order, and highlighted, at the top of the tables. For example, selecting any entry in one of the three tables, will place group ‘linked’ items in the other two tables at the top of their respective tables. The selected item remains in its current position within its own table. In the capture, selecting Alan Test Group has placed one user within that group at the top of the Users table, in alphabetical order and one template at the top of the Templates table.

● You can search on either User or Template by typing in the search fields. This is a convenient method of discovering all the groups and templates that a user has access to, or all the groups that a template has been allocated to. Once the table list has been reduced by the name you have typed, select the name from the table.

Create New Group

To create a new user group, enter the new group name in the “create new group” field above the
Groups table. Once you have entered the group name, select the green create button. The new
group will appear, highlighted, in alphabetical order, in the Groups table.



Assigning Users and Templates to a User Group

To assign Users and Templates to a user group:

● Select the User Group from the Groups table.
● Add users to the group by clicking the plus icon at the end of the user record.
● Add templates to the group by clicking the plus icon at the end of the Templates record.
● Select the green save icon at the top, left side of the screen. Note, this icon will become visible as soon as you select users/templates to add to your group. To undo your selections, click the amber Undo button next to the green save icon.

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