An option to export form data to a web service can be created in the Manage Exports tab. The data
can be exported in the standard Formworks export formats.


1. From the main Admin tab, select Manage Exports, then Create new Export. Then select the Webhook option.
2. Enter a descriptive name for your export.
3. Enter a URL Endpoint for the web service.
4. Select an Export type. These are detailed in the chapter, Export Formats.
5. To export as a zip file, place a tick in the “Export as a zip instead of individual files” check box.
6. To include the text from labels on your forms with the exported data, place a tick in the “Include label text with all form data,” box. This will include the text from ALL labels. The “Include label text with all form data'', option only affects the output of CSV and XML files. On CSV files, there is an additional row on the output, that includes the field Titles. On XML files, the field titles form an additional attribute for data elements. This option has no effect on PDF output, and by default, label text will always be exported.
7. The include embedded images with all form data option, only applies to the XML Export Type.
8. Select the Save button.

When the Formworks web service generates all the required files for an XML or CSV export, it sends them to the HTTP server as a multipart/form-data request. The CSV file would contain any image file names, and subsequent HTTP content types would include, for example, signature files named the same. So, basically, the endpoint HTTP service just needs to save all the files sent in the POST and then match the data.

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