BIM360 exports require the pre-existence of a BIM 360 account.

1. To create a BIM 360 export, from the main Admin tab, select the Manage Exports tab, then the Create new Export option, then select the Bim360 option.

2. You will be asked to Authorise formworks access to your BIM360 account.



3. When Formworks has been granted access to the BIM360 account, the usual style Formworks export screen will appear. However, a panel on the left side of the screen will include BIM360 Hubs that you have been granted access to in the BIM360 system.

4. You can click on the hub name, to insert it into the Hub name field on the right of the screen.

5. You can either select the blue, right arrow against the hub name, to expand the BIM 360 hierarchy into projects and folders, then select them (by clicking on the name label), to populate the input fields on the right, or you can enter the Project and Folder field values directly, or you can reference fields within a Formworks template by its alias.

You can deselect by selecting the name label a second time. You can choose between your method of input by clicking on the Choose Folder from Tree button or the Project & Folder from Template Fields button. The selected button will be in blue while the unused option will be grey. By default the option will be to type in the Project and Folder names.


6. The alternative method of entering either the fully qualified field name, or alias of the template field names, provides more flexibility, in that you can dynamically change project and folder names based on, say, a dropdown list box. You do not need to enclose the field names with square brackets.

7. As you can see from the captures, the hierarchical directory structure displayed on the BIM360 export screen will mirror the directory structure within the AUTODESK BIM360 system.


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