An option to export form data to an FTP host can be created in the Manage Exports tab. The data can be exported using the same formats as the Email export option. These are detailed in the Export Formats chapter.


1. From the main Admin menu, select Manage Exports, then Create new Export, then select the Ftp/sftp option.
2. Type the export details. Please note that Export name, FTP host, Username and Password are mandatory fields.
3. Select the Export type. See the Export Formats chapter for more information on options.
4. Export media files will be selected by default and can be used to export audio or photo files if present.
5. To export as a zip file, place a tick in the, “Export as a zip instead of individual files” check box.
6. The “Include label text with all form data” option only affects the output of CSV and XML files.
7. To include images that were embedded in your forms, with the exported data, place a tick in the “Include embedded images with a form data.”
8. To use the Secure File Transfer Protocol, place a tick in the “Use SFTP” box
9. Select the Save button.
10. The amber TEST button can be used to test the export functions correctly. It does this by creating a text file called formworks.txt and sending it to the FTP location.


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