Accessing the Formworks App

Password Setting
User accounts for the Formworks App are created by the Formworks administrator for your company. Users receive a welcome email when the Formworks account is created. The email contains a temporary password to allow users to log-in online to the Formwork Portal and set their password. The user name for the Formworks App is your email address.


Accessing the App
● The App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or, for enterprise clients, downloaded via MDM services or from the Formworks Portal.
● Tapping the Formworks icon on the device opens the Formworks Log In screen.
● Both The Username (email address) and password are required to log-in.
● The device must be online for the User’s first log-in. Subsequent log-ins may be offline.
● If the user has previously logged into Formworks, their email address will appear above the input field, for easy selection.


Saving passwords
If the option to save passwords has been enabled at client account level, the device user will be presented with a dialogue box, providing the option of saving the current password. The user has the option from the Information screen in the Formworks application, to turn saving passwords off.



Password Reset
● Tap the Formworks icon on the tablet device. The Formworks Log In screen is displayed.
● Type in the username (email address).
● Click Reset Password. An email is sent to the email address with further instructions.

For further guidance on resetting your password, please see our Password Reset help article.

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