Searching, Filtering, Ordering & Creating Folders

All folders have a search capability at the top of the list to enable users to quickly find forms they require:


The field will search on: 

  • Form ID 
  • Form Title 
  • Reference text 

In addition to the search field, all folders (except the Template folder) have a filter option next to the search field. Tapping this opens a filter dialogue:


There are a wide range of filter options including: 

  • Form status 
  • Template type 
  • Date (started, saved, assigned etc) 
  • Any form meta data applied to assigned forms. 

Form lists can also be ordered by: 

  • Date started 
  • Date last saved 
  • Date assigned 
  • Reference Text 
  • Template name 
  • Recent Activity 

Filtered lists can be viewed temporarily by tapping done. 

Filtered lists can be permanently saved by creating and naming a new folder. Tap Create Folder at the bottom of the filter dialog box). The new folder will be saved in the main menu with the default folders.  


To delete a custom folder - simply drag the folder in the menu to the left and tap delete:


Default List Ordering 

Default folders and sub folders have a default listing order. This can be changed in the filter menu under the “Order by”  selector - by selecting the sort criteria (e.g. last saved), the order (e.g. Newest first) and setting the default slider so that it is green:



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