Menu/Folder Structure

The menu structure contains the following default folders:


Once opened, folders can be filtered and sorted to assist with the management of tasks and form completion - see Folder Filtering.

Custom folders can also be created by the user - see “Creating Custom Folders”



Tapping the templates folder shows a list of blank form templates that can be selected by the user and completed.

The number of templates available is stated at the top of the list.

Tapping on a template selects and opens it.

The following information is provided for each template listing:
● Template icon
● Template title
● Template description
● Forms that are “In design” are designated with the pencil and ruler icon

Specific templates can be searched for using the search field.

My Work

The My Work folder shows all form templates that have been assigned to the user or are in progress.

Each listing includes:

● Unique form ID - provided by the server on the first sync
● Form title
● Reference text - reflecting data captured on the form
● Form status information - start, saved and server sync times
● Form origin and status icons including:


Assigned and Not Started Subfolders


The Assigned folder includes forms that have been assigned to the user, containing pre-filled data. These may be not started or in progress.

Not Started folders will include Assigned forms that have not been started or blank forms that have been started but are still in preview mode.

Each listing includes data previously described. However, Assigned forms may also have additional meta data which is shown via the blue meta tags.

Meta data is generally used for job management activities and is customised to suit the client requirements.

Meta data may be used for filtering and ordering work.



This Folder displays forms that have been flagged.

Forms are flagged / unflagged by dragging the listing to the left and tapping the flag symbol.

Flagged forms will also display in other folders that are relevant - e.g. in progress etc.

A flagged form is designated by the orange flag icon in the top right hand corner of the listing.


This Folder displays forms that have been been forwarded from the Formworks Cloud Hub to the user for action. These forms also exist in the Assigned and In Progress folders.

Tapping on the red bell icon, pops the alert message associated with the form.




The Sent folders show form templates that have been completed and submitted to the server.

Each listing includes data previously described plus:

● The completed (submitted) date/time
● Submitted status icons including:


Depending on the form configurations, submitted forms may be opened again for resubmission, opened for viewing only or may be locked.

Forms that cannot be opened and submitted more than once will appear greyed out.

The length of time that submitted forms will continue to display, depends on individual client settings in the Formworks portal, but this defaults to 30 days.

From Template

This is where you put the text you want to appear when dropping down the accordion.

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