App Syncing


When logged in and connected to the internet, the App syncs automatically with the server. The syncing process keeps the server and App in step, ensuring that changes made to forms on the App are uploaded to the server and ensuring that changes on the server (e.g. databases, assigned forms) are sent down.

Whilst connected, the App continues to sync whilst in background mode on the device, provided the user is logged in.

Syncing takes place automatically but can be triggered manually by pulling the menu down.

The App is designed to work offline and will sync automatically when a connection is made.

The App sync status can be seen seen as follows:


Multiple Device Use

If the user logs out of the App, or removes it from memory, it will immediately cease syncing. Multiple Device Use Formworks App users can access their forms on multiple devices, although only one device may be logged in at a time to ensure that data is not compromised. Logging in to a second device automatically logs a user out of the first device and presents the user with the following warning on the second device.

When using multiple devices, users must take care to ensure that their first device has synced all changes to the server before logging onto a second device.

Failure to do this may result in data loss.



Users should be aware that offline working will prevent the automated syncing and warning processes from operating when switching between devices because the App is not connected to the server - meaning that data changes on a first device cannot be updated on a second device, resulting in potential data loss.

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