Form Validation

Most form templates will have validation logic built in to them to optimise data quality.

The validation process checks the data entered into a form template against the validation rules.

Validation is triggered by tapping either submit or validation on the action menu. The action menu is displayed by tapping the hamburger button in the top right hand corner of the screen.


When the validation process runs, the App enters the validation mode, presents a list of errors and highlights, in red on the form template, data fields that have failed validation.


Tapping an error on the list navigates the user to the invalid field - highlighted below:


Correcting data error the field data, turns the field green:


The validation controls include:


Validation failure types

There are two types of validation failures:
● Error (Red) : Must be rectified before the form can be submitted
● Warning (Orange) : Advisory only - does not need to be rectified before submission.

Example error types are displayed below:


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