Special Fields

Some fields have special properties, and selecting them provides additional functionality:

Date / Calendar

Selecting a date field will present the device user with a calendar. If validation script is running in the form, certain date ranges may not be available. For example, any dates beyond five days may be greyed out and disabled.

Users can type directly into the date field if they wish. A range of formats can be entered which are then converted to a standard YYYY-MM-DD format on leaving the field. Accepted input formats include:

● 18051960 -> 1960-05-18
● 180560 -> 1960-05-18
● 600518 -> 1960-05-18
● 19600518 -> 1960-05-18


Time Fields

Time fields accept 24 hour times and users can simply type in 4 numbers, and they will be converted to a 24 hour time on exiting the field:

● 0930 -> 09:30
● 1234 -> 12:34

Invalid times are not accepted by the field.

Text Fields

Depending on the type of text field on a form, the text box will accept a range of characters.

● Text field, accepts all characters
● Number field accepts: -123457890.e
● Phone, accepts: -()+0123456789
● Email: must have an @ followed by a . at least 2 characters after otherwise it will fail the validation process.


Touching the signature element on a form opens up a window on the device to obtain a signature which is date and time stamped. A stylus or finger can be used to obtain this.

Select 'Clear' to remove the signature, or 'Done' to capture it and return to the form, with the signature displayed as a reduced element. Select Cancel to return to the form without saving any changes.


Barcode Reader

Tapping the barcode icon to the right of the text field activates the device camera which can be used to read a barcode - and return the value into the text field.



Selecting the sketch field opens an area where you can create a sketch or mark up a background drawing.
Depending on the form configuration, the sketch field may have simple grid background for free sketching or a background as per the images here.


Tapping the sketch field opens the sketch interface shown below.


The sketch controls include:


Adding Photos

Selecting the photo element opens a dialogue box allowing you to either take a new photo using the device’s camera, or select a photo from the Camera Roll.

Selecting Take New Photo opens the device camera with the normal functionality.


Whether opting to take a new photo or upload one from the camera roll / gallery, the user has the option of adding mark-ups using the same functions as the sketch element.

The 'Clear' function allows clearing the photo mark-ups, or the entire photo.


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