Audio clips can be recorded as part of a form completion process. Audio files are synced to the server alongside a form when it is saved or submitted.

Recording Clips

If a template has been enabled to use audio clips, a blue microphone symbol will appear at the bottom right of the screen.


Selecting the microphone icon will cause a red Record, and a blue Stop icon to appear to the left of the microphone.


Tapping the red Record icon starts a recording. The timer starts to run and the blue microphone icon turns red and rotates.

Tapping the red icon toggles between pausing and re-starting the recording.

Tapping the blue icon stops the recording and presents a dialog box to enable the audio file to be named and saved.  


Accessing Saved Recordings

To display saved clips, tap the microphone icon followed by the hamburger menu in the top left of the recording dialog box.


In the list of recordings, audio clips can be re-played and (if permitted by the system administrator) deleted by tapping on the relevant clip.

The Template Designer has the option of preventing the deletion of recordings. If this option is used, the trash can will not appear beneath recordings. (But this does not prevent the user from deleting the entire form, thus removing the audio recordings with the form. The only way to completely protect recordings is to use a prefilled form, set to prevent the deletion of prefilled forms).


Exceeding the Recording time limit

If the device user tries to record an Audio Clip longer than the maximum period specified in the Template Designer, the recording will automatically terminate at the predefined maximum length. The device user will see a warning message dialogue box. When they select OK, they will be prompted to enter a name for the Audio Clip and save it. This could happen for example, if the user starts a recording and leaves the device unattended, as recording will continue even after the users’ device has entered sleep mode.

Exceeding the Maximum Number of Recordings

If the device user tries to record more Audio Clips than the number defined for the template on the Template Designer, they will receive a warning message and be prevented from creating further recordings. To create more recordings they would first need to delete one or more existing recordings.

If the template settings prevent the device user from deleting recordings, this could cause issues.


Changing Templates whilst recording an Audio Clip

A device user cannot change the template they are making a recording against, without first stopping and naming the recording. If they try to change templates, they will be presented with a warning, and options to stay on the form or save the audio and leave.


Potential Audio Interruptions

There are circumstances when audio recording may be interrupted by the device operating system, other Apps that utilise the microphone or by the Formworks App itself. The table below summarises some of the main possibilities:



Should it be necessary to view the actual data transfer of Audio Clips between the users’ device and the Formworks portal, this can be done via the File Transfers log in App Settings.

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