Basic iOS Housekeeping

Clearing applications from a device’s memory

When an application is opened, it remains open in memory until it is removed.

Allowing too many applications to remain open in memory degrades the performance of the device, and can cause problems with the operation of applications you are running, including Formworks.

Periodically, applications should be cleared from the device's memory to optimise its performance. This process does not delete the application, it merely removes the application from the device’s memory.

Depending on the device model, double tap the Home button or flick the screen upwards from the bottom. The home button is the only button on the front of the screen. The device’s screen will display any open applications in the middle of the screen, with the most recently used in a line at the bottom of the screen. Touching either the screen representation, or the applications icon would take you into the respective applications.

Place your finger to the open applications and flick them upwards. You can see this movement in this capture. The application will go off the top of the screen, indicating that it has been removed from the device’s memory.


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