App Settings

Selecting the Cog Icon at the bottom of the menu screen takes the user to the Settings Screen. This screen is split into four tabs, the Status, Data Transfers, System Log and User Settings:



This screen includes the following:

Formworks system information
This displays information relating to the device user; their Formworks account name, the date and time of their Last login, and the Software version of the Formworks application.

Connection Information
This section displays the connection status, when the user last connected to the Formworks server, and the Synchronisation status.

Archive Function
This option uploads a backup of the App user’s template and form databases and system logs to the Formworks server for troubleshooting and recovery purposes.

Access to the Archive function requires a PIN that can only be supplied by Digital Field Solutions support staff.

Logout Function
Logs the user out of the Formworks application.

Data Transfers

This page shows the sync status of individual databases, forms and templates.


This area provides details on Local Databases that are available to the templates on the device. There are two stages required for Databases to be available to templates, Downloading to the device, and Importing. Both of these processes are tracked in this section. It also details the Database version names and dates of upload to the Formworks portal. This is to prevent the use of out-of-date information.

The option to resync databases is available in the event of sync problems.

File Transfers / Audio Clips
This area displays the progress of forms and templates as they sync with the Formworks server.

System Log

This is a simple, short term record of the data movement between the device and the Formworks portal. Support staff may require a user to relay information from this screen to them in the event of a technical issue.


User Settings

The user Settings tab performs three functions:

● It permits the device user to change the setting to remember the password used to access the Formworks App on their device.
● It enables the user to select de-bug mode. Please Note - this is a feature used by Administrators and Form designers to test forms that are “In Design”. It should not be enabled by form users.
● It enables the user to reset their menu folder structure back to the default.


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