Form Properties

The purpose of this article is to explain the form properties within Formworks.



The Title of the template, as it appears in the Templates and other Formworks portal screens and user devices. It is highly recommended to add a version number to your title, i.e., Client Surveys v1.0.


This text appears on user devices, beneath the template Title.

Reference Text

Selecting the Edit reference text button opens a dialogue box that lets you insert text and fields that can display on the users device and the Export History screen. Usually this consists of fields from the template, for example, the Client Name. When you select a field, you have the option to Add it to the Reference text. You can also set the Reference text font size.


After Form Submission

This provides three options to control user device access to data after they have submitted a form:

● Form data is hidden on device (default)
● Form data is viewable on device
● Form data is editable on device.

Prefilling Options

The metadata button provides access to the metadata config screen. Form metadata is used during the pre-filling process - and enables assigned (pre-filled) forms to include custom meta tags (e.g. location, due date, work order etc) to help App users manage their workload. For further information see Form Pre-Filling.

If you tick Only allow prefilled forms, it will prevent users from starting forms from the Blank Templates folder on their device.

If you tick Disable Deleting of Prefilled Forms, it prevents prefilled forms from being deleted on the users input device.


This control enables you to select the platform that your templates are to run on. Currently there are three options that include iPad, Web Forms and both.


Element Name

This is the full path name for the form.


This is the template name.

Max Image Size

This option has two settings; Small and Standard. This sets the default image size for uploading photos for the entire template. The difference in sizes is between 1024 and 640. Individual photo elements can have their own setting, of either Form Default, Small or Standard.


The facility to record Audio clips is a licensable feature, so may not be available to you unless you have contracted for it.

Allow Audio For This Form

If you have this feature, you can use this option to select audio for individual forms.

Max # Clips

Indicates the maximum number of audio clips that can be recorded against an individual form.


Max Time

Indicates the maximum recording time in minutes for each individual audio recording, in minutes. Zero (0) indicates that no time limit has been enforced.

Allow Users to Delete Audio Clips

This is ticked by default. To prevent users deleting audio recordings, remove the tick from this checkbox option.

PDF Map Zoom

Use this list box to produce a map at the end of the PDF output. The presence of the map and the scale, depend on the option chosen. Selections range from None to 20.


Select local databases here, to link to your form. You use script code to use these within your forms. More information on using databases within templates can be found in the Formworks Scripting

Choose Icon

You can upload a square icon here, to display against your templates on the users device. This is a fast aid to recognising different templates, for example, where different clients are involved, a clients’ icon could be displayed against the templates and forms on the users’ device.

Font Size

This represents the font size to be used throughout the template. Font sizes range from 12 to 20, with 16 being the default size. Changing the default form size here will not automatically change all the font sizes of existing fields on the template.

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