Menu Bar

The menu bar provides the functionality to Save and Publish templates and additionally to search and filter elements present on the template.


Fields with script

Selecting Fields with script removes from the display, all elements that do not contain script in their events. Elements remain in their screen layout position.

Selecting Fields with script again, returns the screen to its original display.


Fields with Datanames

Selecting Fields with Datanames removes from the display, all elements that do not contain a Dataname.


Template elements can be searched on any part of an element name, Alias name or Title property. Simply type the full name or any part in the Search field and only matching elements will be displayed.

Saving Templates

Templates are saved using the red save button on the left of the bar. The save history can be viewed in the drop down list and the user can switch between versions.

A ‘local’ backup of the template, without saving changes to the server, can be completed by selecting the disk (Save) icon. This will create a single backup that can be used to undo changes made to the templates design.


Switch between design and edit mode

Selecting Edit mode, enables designed templates to be viewed as a webform that a User would experience. If testing scripting functions in Edit mode, only scripting written in Javascript will work. Form level events can be run while in Edit mode.


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