Common Properties

For the purposes of working with Formworks, the terms Fields and Elements are identical. Although
specific elements have unique properties, most share a number of common properties.



The heading to display above the element. This could be hidden if you wish to place the element in a table or place a descriptive label to the side of the element instead of having a description above.

Element Name

When combined with the elements containers, the Element Name is unique. But it only needs to be unique within the container – section, group, table cell that contains it. This is how the element will be identified in XML and CSV output.


A name to uniquely identify the element within a template, within script. This acts as a shortcut instead of using the fully qualified name. It must not start with a number or contain spaces.

Data Name

This name can be used to link the element to an external database system. It must be unique.

PDF Suppression

You can select a range of three suppression ‘levels’. For example, you can suppress any elements from PDF output, by placing a tick against “A”, on the element’s properties, and then selecting, “A” in the export. In this way, up to four PDF’s can be generated with different output – the original, standard PDF plus three (A, B and C) versions.

When PDF Suppression is applied to text boxes, single select lists, multi-select lists, photo and checkbox elements etc. Neither the horizontal nor vertical space they originally occupied is reclaimed and other elements are printed in their original locations.


The colour of the elements Text property, as it would appear on the input device/screen. This applies to the title property of the field only.


You can set the Margin or border around your elements, either by dragging the appropriate border on the template design area, or by entering the numeric value directly into the Margins area of the properties panel. In the same way, you can set the width of the element and the content width – the actual input area.

Font Size

Font sizes range from 12 to 20 point, with 16 as the default.

Show Title

The option of hiding the title of an element can be used where you want to place the element's name to the side or beneath the element. Currently Formworks only supports placing an element title above the element. But by unticking the Show title box, you could place a label describing the element, left or right of the element. But this option is also useful when the element is contained within a table.


This option sets the initial visibility of an element. For example, you could set an entire section to initially be hidden, then display it when a user makes a specific selection from a list box.


Sets the initial enabled state of the element, when the form is first loaded onto the users device.


Sets the element as being mandatory/required. This forces user input prior to form submission.

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