Archiving & Downloading a Contract

The purpose of this article is to explain how a user with Contract Admin rights can archive a Contract once it comes to an end, and how to download all of the contractual PDFs and attachments.

Your ability to access specific contracts can be impacted by the admin rights you have been granted, please review this before proceeding by navigating to your profile in the Admin Panel – Access & Security.

  • If you are a Contract Admin with access restricted to specific contracts, you will only be able to access contracts where you have been allocated Admin Rights for
  • Changes can only be made where you Contract Access Level is Full Access
  • The Downloads tab can be accessed with a Contract Access Level of Read Only


In order to archive a Contract, open the Contract and scroll down to the bottom of the Basic Details tab and select the Archive button:


Followed by Confirm:


The status will now display as Archived, and the button will change to Reinstate, should you wish to reinstate the Contract:


Downloading a Contract

In order to download all of the communications from the Contract, navigate to the Downloads tab and select Create Zip Archive:


A pop-up will be presented where you can choose whether to include attachments in the download and then use the date-picker to select a time-frame. Once done, select CreateNote that if you do not select a date, the zip archive will include all communications (and attachments) communicated in the contract, from start to present. 


The system will then generate the zip archive (this may take a few minutes depending on the volume of data) and once complete, the Download button can be selected to start the download:


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