Admin User Training

This article contains three videos covering all areas of the CEMAR Admin Panel. Once you have been granted access to the Admin Panel, please ensure to watch these videos for guidance on how to use the system.

Your ability to change a user’s access to contracts or access specific contracts can be impacted by the admin rights you have been granted, please review this before proceeding by navigating to your profile in the Admin Panel – Access & Security.

  • If you are a user administrator (Party 2 Only) you will only be able to do the following where the user is Party 2 on a Contract:
    • Add a user to a new contract – you can only add them as Party 2
    • Change a user’s active status, role, thresholds and email settings on a contract
  • If you are a Contract Admin with access restricted to specific contracts, you will only be able to access contracts where you have been allocated Admin Rights for
  • Changes can only be made where you Contract Access Level is Full Access

If you are unable to complete this admin task due to not having access, please speak to your organisation admins or contact thinkproject support.

You will also find a Quick Start Guide at the bottom of this article, should you wish to use this.

My Organisation Tab

This section is only visible to Organisation Administrators. To locate your Organisation Admins, please review our help desk article Contacting an Admin

User Administration

Contract Administration

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