Submitted Data tab

The Submitted Data tab can either be selected directly, or accessed by selecting a user’s name from the horizontal bar chart in the Dashboard screen. If accessed from the Dashboard screen, it will be prepopulated with the templates, date ranges and users selected in the Dashboard screen.



You can use the filter options to select between Active or Retired templates, individual or a range of templates, various date ranges and individual Users. The Page option allows you to choose how many form data lines appear on a screen, before you need to use the next and previous buttons to view them.

The Filter button can be used to instruct the Reporting Hub to search on the filters selected, but this is normally initiated automatically when you choose the various options.


Search on Unique Key

The Search on unique key facility lets you filter your forms by a key reference field, previously specified and configured on the Formworks Template Designer, using the “Is unique reference” check box. As the name implies, the values entered into this field must be unique for that template. An order number might be appropriate, whilst a customer number, where further orders may be generated using the same reference, would not be suitable.



The Download option at the top right of the screen, enables you to generate a report based on the forms currently selected by the display options. If multiple template/form types have been selected and the CSV download option employed, a separate CSV file will be generated for each template type. If XLSX is selected, the Excel output file will be comprised of multiple tabs – one for each form template type.


Screen Layout

The Submitted Data table area contains data fields, list boxes and icons:


Form ID
The Form ID is the unique Formworks form identifier, allocated to a form after it has been submitted by the iPad. This identifier is unique within each Formworks client.

Down Arrow Icon - Previous form submissions
The down arrow may be present in the second column of a forms entry. This icon indicates that the form has been submitted more than once. For example, if the form has been submitted from an iPad, then reopened, edited and resubmitted. In the screen capture, Form ID 29678 is an example.


Selecting the blue arrow will display the previous submissions of the form. In the second screen capture, you can see there are now two entries for 29678. This provides a version history for each individual submission of a form.

The form will only appear once per report and will ALWAYS display the current position for the form, irrespective of whether the report is run for a prior point in time. In other words, for reporting purposes, the form only contains its current value, not a history of its value changes.

iPad Icon
This icon indicates a form that has been forwarded to a user, updated and submitted by them:


The icon does NOT appear against the original form. A user would submit a form from the iPad, then a Reporting Hub admin user would select the form and use it to forward a pre-populated ‘copy’ to either the same, or a different user. Previous submissions of the form remain unchanged, and a new instance of the form is created on the Reporting Hub with each submission, thereby maintaining a version history. Full details of the re-export function are described below in this guide.

Form Type
The Formworks Template name. Only published, or published and retired forms are available in the Reporting Hub.

Form Submitted
The date and time that the form was completed on the iPad.

Assigned User
The name of the user who submitted the form.

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