With its bar charts, the Dashboard provides a quick and convenient method of viewing overall statistics for a range of form templates and the facility to drill down through this data.

You select the Dashboard from the first tab at the top of the screen. You use the filters to limit the number of forms included in the display and graphs. Setting the filters, in this instance all forms for ‘This month’, will display the total number of forms selected and analyse them by Formworks template type, on the left and by numbers of forms submitted by individual users on the right.



Filters let you refine your listing by template type, users and dates.


Choose Template

Select and deselect from the list of available templates. Random colours are allocated to templates for the duration of your session, and these correspond to the colours displayed next to the template name.



Typing any of the letters contained within the templates name will filter the templates displayed within the Choose Template listing. You only need to enter the characters, searching is performed automatically.


Quick Select

You can use the Quick select option in combination with the other filters. For example, you could select the None option, to deselect all the templates quickly, then use the Choose Template listing to select an individual template.


User Counts

Selecting an entry from the User Counts horizontal bar graph on this screen will automatically take you to the Submitted Data tab with the Submitted Data filters set from your Dashboard options.

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