Licence tab

The Licence tab displays details of your Formworks licence and the allowances under the licence.



Start Date / End Date / Days remaining
These two fields indicate the start and end dates for the account licencing period. Days remaining shows the number of days before the licence period expires.

Licence Limits

These are broken down as follows:
● Users include both Device (Mobile App) Users and Webform users. In this case 11 out 20 Users are being used.
● Device Users are users of the Formworks Mobile App, a subset of users. In this case, 11 out of a potential 15 device users are being used.
● Published templates show how many published templates are allowed, this doesn’t include any in design templates.
● Open link web forms represent the number of webform open links available (open links provide access to web forms without the requirements for users to log in). In this case, 5 out of a potential 10 open links are in use.
● Data fields on a template show the limit of fields allowed per template. There is no restriction on the number of Administrator and Form Author users.

Whilst users cannot be removed, for example when staff leave, they can be disabled, by removing the tick from the Enabled check box on the user’s record. They will then no longer count against the user limit.

Number of Published Templates

This field indicates how many Published forms can be present on an account. This restriction only applies to forms with a “Published” State. An account can contain any number of forms with a “Designing” State. When published forms are no longer required, their State can be set to “Retired”, to enable new forms to be published.

Warning: Only Published templates should be used to capture live data.

Max Number of Data Fields on a Template

This represents the number of data capture elements that can be used within each template.

Note: Whilst it is possible to develop, save and test forms with a larger number of elements than indicated within the licencing screen, it is not possible to publish them.

Current Permissions


This table indicates the Formworks features available to the account. If addition features are required, please contact your sales representative, or contact Digital Field Solutions at:

Common features/functions include:
● Validation scripts - access to form scripting
● Prefilled forms - ability to pre-fill form templates
● Notifications - ability to set export notifications
● Access forms after submission - forms can be accessed the user after being submitted
● Automated pre-fill - option to pre-fill forms via API
● Export to web service - option to export via web service
● Web Forms - access to web forms via a browser
● Local tables - local database functionality
● Audio - option to record and process audio on the device App
● Export to Excel - option to export form data to an Excel template
● Export to BIM360 - option to export data directly to Autodesk BIM360
● Export to Dropbox - option to export forms directly to Dropbox

Allow users to save passwords on devices
If this option is selected, all device users for the client account will have the option of saving their passwords on their input device. This will then be at the discretion of individual device users. They will have the option of cancelling the saving of passwords, from within the Formworks applications Information screen, should they subsequently change their mind.

Allow Users to save to / read from device camera roll
These options control the ability for App users to save or retrieve images to/from the camera roll.

Is 2FA required?
Enables two-factor authentication for the portal only. A ‘MFA’ role will also need to be enabled to a user. More details on 2FA can be found in our 2FA User Guide.

Custom Mark-Up Icons


This function enables custom icons to be added for use in the sketch and photo mark-up function of the device App.

To add an icon simply drag an image onto the panel and save it. It will automatically be resized to the correct dimensions and become available within the App sketch and photo mark-up capability.

Your API Secret Key

This code is required when importing and exporting form data via the Formworks Web Service.

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