Databases Overview

Databases offer a convenient option, whereby databases in UTF-8 format, Comma Separated Value (CSV) files, can be uploaded to the Formworks portal, and synchronised to the Formworks App (or made available to Webforms).

Whilst the Formworks App has the facility to make web calls to retrieve data, or confirm input, the benefit of locally stored databases, is that they reside on the user’s device. They can function even when the user is offline. When the user next logs in to the Formworks portal, the latest version of the database will be synchronised with their device.

Databases uploaded to the server are also available within Webforms.

There are many possible uses for databases within a form, and examples could include:

List boxes
● Populating a list box with client names, or branch addresses and contact details, rather than hard coding them into the template.
● Populating a second list box (or text box), based on the value selected in another list box. Multi-tiered list box population is supported in this fashion.

Quotations and calculation
● Providing a look-up table of cost values for products selected on a form. Databases can contain all the product cost information necessary to provide up to date quotes as a form is completed.

Workflow and Project management
● Returning an email address or URL for a contact/employee selected on a form. A form could be automatically emailed to a contact or group of contacts, depending on information within the form.
● As a form is aware of the user’s name when it opens, list boxes could be populated with information specific to that user. Using a local database the system could populate list boxes with only the projects or clients that are applicable.
● You could automatically provide the device user with a list of additional forms that should be completed, based on the data entered within the current form. For example, a certain client may always require an additional ‘Notes’ document.
● The ‘rules’ regarding specific clients could be represented within databases, which are subsequently interpreted within script to guide user input.
● It is possible to capture information on a form, which automatically updates the local databases on all users’ devices after the form is submitted. But this feature does not come as standard with Formworks.

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