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Custom Properties are used to store temporary values that are globally available to any page on a form. Custom Properties are similar to Global variables and hidden fields, but they differ in a number of important ways. Unlike Hidden fields, they are not exported and will not appear in CSV or XML output. Unlike Global variables, the values in Custom properties will not be saved when a form is closed.

Custom properties can be used instead of Hidden fields, in a situation where the value doesn’t need to (or mustn’t) be submitted and exported along with the rest of the field data. They can contain other data types in addition to text. See the comparison chart below for a comparison between the features of Custom properties, Hidden fields and Global variables.

Custom properties can have any name except the reserved property names of “title”, “visible”, “enabled”, “valid”, and “message”. Custom properties are global to a form, and therefore available from any page. They can be set and retrieved in the same way as a standard variable – for example:

form.roomsWithSmokeAlarm = 4;


The above example could be used on house inspection forms where there are sections for each room and each section contains a check box indicating if a smoke alarm is present in the room. The OnValueChanged event for each of these check boxes could update the form.roomsWithSmokeAlarm Custom property and the value of this property then used elsewhere on the form.

Features of Custom Properties

●Globally available to any page within a form.
●Temporary storage. Their value is lost when the form is saved or submitted.
●Does not become part of the output, and will not appear on CSV, PDF or XMLdata.
●Must not be named the same as standard properties.
●Values are set using the same notation as standard variables.
●Can contain any data type.

Comparison Chart


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