Reporting Hub Introduction

When you first log into the Reporting Hub, the screen will appear similar to this, with the Submitted Data tab visible and a date range of the current month selected.


The Formworks Reporting Hub is divided into three main sections, Dashboard, Submitted Data, and Reports.


Access to these sections is provided by the tabs at the top of the screen.

Dashboard, Submitted Data and Reports tabs are briefly described below:

With its bar charts, the Dashboard provides a quick and convenient method of viewing overall statistics for a range of form templates and the facility to drill down through this data.

Submitted Data
The Submitted Data screen is loaded by default. This provides an in depth view of the individual forms that have been submitted by users. Here you have the option of searching for forms, directing previously submitted forms to a user’s iPad, so that further information can be appended, and downloading data for both individual forms, and a range of forms, in various formats, and viewing maps that show the locations where forms were generated. From here you can also produce Excel worksheets that contain the output from multiple Formworks template types.

In the Reports section you can create multiple report layouts and schedules against published Formworks templates. Report layouts can include any fields from the form template, arranged in any order and renamed as required. You can create multiple report layouts for each Formworks Template, and allocate multiple reporting schedules for each report layout.

For example, a Job Sheet template might support two different report layouts; one with only the key fields from the original form template and a second containing all the fields.

Each report layout could then support two schedules - one scheduled to run daily, the second to run once per week. Both schedules could contain different recipients and be produced in different output formats.

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