Ad-Hoc Reports

Ad-Hoc reports use a report layout that you have previously created, but they do not require a schedule. They are queued to be generated on demand.

Select the Queue report button, at the end of the report layout’s line on the table of reports. The screen will appear like the capture.


Date Range
Date ranges can be set by either clicking on the Date range list box, and selecting from the available options, or clicking in the From Date and To Date fields and selecting a date from the pop-up calendar controls.

The completed Ad-Hoc report request should appear similar to the capture.

mceclip1.png mceclip2.png mceclip3.png


Add-Hoc Report Listings
Historic Add-Hoc reports that have been run, are listed in the bottom section of the Reports tab.
Note that you have to click the Select button against a Report layout, to view Add-Hoc reports, even if there is only one Report layout present.


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