Adding a Schedule

The Schedules tab provides the functionality to create schedules and associate them with a report layout. Using a schedule, you can control what time of day your reports are run, what period (date range) of forms the report includes, the format of the output, for example CSV, and allocate multiple email recipients.


Add Schedule
Click the Select button against the report that you wish to add a schedule to. A schedules table will display, with the blue Add schedule button.

Select the Add schedule button. A screen provides the options to give your schedule a Title, set your time zone, and choose how often you want your report to run.


You can select when you want the report to run, for example, every day, week, month or year and when.
Specify the time you wish it to run.

Specify the date range of forms to be included in the report, for example, week to date, month to date, or all forms submitted.

Build your email distribution list by either selecting a group from Formworks, or by entering individual email addresses and clicking on the Add button. You could select a Formworks group, and then include a number of individual email addresses in this way.


Your completed schedule screen should appear similar to this capture when you are finished. When you have set all your options, click the Save button.


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