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Here you can find information on all new features for Formworks. For information on previous new feature releases, please see our archived articles at the bottom of this page. For details on bug fixes, please see our Release Notes article.

May 2022

May 2022 Release - iOS App Version 9.2 - Auth0, Rebranding and Bugfixes


  • The iOS App now reflects the new Thinkproject branding. As this includes changes to the
    user interface, it is recommended that the browser cache be cleared.
  • Online authentication is now managed through Auth0, which enforces a stricter password
    policy and MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) for added security.
    Users can continue to use their existing login credentials but should there be a need to reset
    their password, then it is at this time their account is fully migrated to Auth0, enforcing the
    updated password policies. New users added to Formworks are added to Auth0.
  • In order to login offline, the user needs to setup a 4 digit password (PIN) upon first online
    login. It is possible to reset this pin within the app (device can be online or offline).
    Note this is separate from the online login details and is needed to facilitate offline login.
    Screenshots below show the initial PIN entry and ability to reset the PIN:

    PIN setup during first login:


    Resetting PIN:



  • Reloading a new database resulted in duplicate entries being shown in drop-down menus
  • Switching pages in Validation mode was causing the app to crash
  • In some cases, text (word) was being incorrectly wrapped
  • Numbering of audio clips was not incrementing when scripting was used to save the audio


See Previous Releases Below

April 2022

April 2022 Release

This release brings:

  • Integration with an industry-recognised authentication system.
  • Branding in line with Thinkproject’s Brand and UX guidelines for the Web based applications and iOS App.

What are the key benefits?


  • Seamless migration to the new authentication system means there will be no disruption to your operations.
  • Users of Formworks can continue to use their existing login credentials.
  • You and your users can decide when it’s best for you to fully migrate to the more stringent password policies enforced by the new authentication system.
  • Organisations can enable SSO. This would mean that your users would no longer have to remember multiple passwords.


  • Consistent user experience such as when logging in, and navigation across Thinkproject’s product portfolio.
  • Modern look and feel.


  • Bugfixes across both Formworks Web Portal and iOS app. Details will be provided at the time of the release.

To learn more about the upcoming changes, please see here or contact the Support Team.

December 2021

Introducing JavaScript to Formworks Mobile Platform

What are the key benefits?

  • A key Formworks capability is the ability to develop custom scripts which can automate forms and a users’ interaction with the forms.

  • Brings convenience, consistency and a unified scripting language across all of the Formworks offering. JavaScript scripts will run on WebForms, iOS devices and at its introduction, the Android platform.

  • For organisations developing scripts for both iOS devices and WebForms, this release eliminates the need to develop scripts using different languages. The flexibility offered by JavaScript and its widespread use within the online domain means this is a language of choice for many, and one which opens up a wider talent pool.

  • Scripting documentation is available here.
November 2021

1st November - iOS App - Version 7.6.1 (Language localisation)


  • This version of the app allows users to select their preferred language - English, French, German or Romanian. 

Note: Translation of emails received by users such as those following a 'Reset Password' will be released at a later date.  


Web Portal - Version 2.2.0 (Language localisation and enhancements)

  • Web Portal release 2.2.0 introduces language support for French, German and Romanian. Users can select their preferred language to use within the portal.
  • Updated Webforms User Interface – The updated user interface provides a modern look and feel that is similar to that of the iOS app. This provides a consistent user experience and journey when navigating form templates and forms on both iOS devices and Webforms.
  • Support queries are now raised via an email, which is routed to our Support system 
  • New Validation checks: 

  • Character length for usernames (100 characters) and email addresses (75 characters) 
  • Email address is in the correct format; we check that it contains an ‘@’ and we check that it contains a ‘.’ as a separator in a domain name.
  • The next Formworks release will support the JavaScript scripting language on WebForms and the iOS app. This will primarily be a release of the iOS App but requires an update to the Web Portal. In readiness for this (due late November 2021) an update is included in this Portal release. 

To facilitate migration to running JavaScript on iOS devices, it will be possible to select the scripting language to be used on the iOS device. 

Set against a Form Template, Figure 1 shows the new Form property (circled in red) which allows Form Designers to select the scripting language to use with that Form Template. 

The default is Lua for now but in time JavaScript will become the default as we unify this scripting language across Web Portal and devices. 

Note: if you’re unable to see option to select language, then the browser cache should be cleared. 
On a Windows device, this is CTRL and F5.

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