Contract Dashboard

The purpose of this article is to explain the new Contract Dashboard, available within the Reminders page of each contract.

To access your Contract Dashboard, select the green View Dashboard button at the top of your reminders page:


You will then be taken to your dashboard:


Within here you are able to see all contract reminders, reminders by Named Manager, actions assigned to you, and information such as your contract dates and price. In the top-left corner you are also able to see how many sheets of paper you have saved by managing your contract via CEMAR.


Contract Dates
Clicking on the Dates widget will open a pop-up box which displays the planned and original Completion Date:



Reminders & Actions

Clicking on the Contract reminders by Named Manager chart will filter the All contract reminders table below:

You can also filter the All contract reminders table using the filters available at the top of the table. The Event type filter is a pop-up and is displayed as below:


Within here you can add actions to a reminder by selecting this icon:


Selecting this will open the Add action pop-up. Within here you can add an Action owner by selecting a User from the Action owner drop-down list. The Action note field is a free text box where you can describe the action needed:


Once actions are added to a reminder they will appear like this:


Clicking on the open action on a reminder will display the below pop-up:


Clicking View actions gives you the ability to mark an action as complete by selecting the tick box, or delete the action by selecting the bin icon:


Creating an action does send an email to the Action User (provided their emails are enabled).

You can view any actions assigned to you in the Your Actions widget, which when clicked on gives you the ability to mark as complete or delete:



To export your reminders, select the download icon highlighted below:


You are also able to open an event directly from this dashboard by selecting the arrow icon highlighted below:


The RAG status is now also displayed within the icon shown below:


These are split into 3 colour variations based on the amount of time remaining:

More than 50% of the reply period remaining
Less than 50% of the reply period remaining
- A response is now overdue


Paper Saved

The paper saved widget is calculated by entries within the Documents Log. E.g. one document log entry equates to one sheet of paper saved:


Please note, we are still carrying out development work on the new Contract Dashboard, and any feedback on this would be appreciated.

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