Automated Distribution

The automated distribution can be used to automatically start workflows, send files to a repro service or to notify project participants, when new files have been uploaded.

The automated distribution is configured with the "Plan distribution matrix". Access to the Plan distribution matrix is assigned by the project administration to accounts individually.

If your account possess the rights to the Plan distribution matrix, you can access the matrix in the module "Files" when you click on mceclip1.png and then select "Plan distribution matrix" from the list:

The overview of the Distribution list matrix shows all automated distribution lists that have been configured for the project:


mceclip2.pngindicates the automated distribution is active

mceclip1.pngindicates the automated distribution is not active

Modify an existing configuration by clicking on the name.
Create a new distribution matrix by clicking «NEW» at the bottom of the page.
Copy a distribution matrix by selecting a matrix and clicking «DUPLICATE» 
Delete a distribution matrix by selecting a matrix and clicking «DELETE» 

Creating a Distribution Matrix

Click «NEW» at the bottom of the overview page to add a new distribution matrix.
The configuration page is divided into 3 sections:


1. General settings


Enter the name of the new distribution matrix in the top box.
Use the checkbox "Active" to activate or deactivate the distribution matrix.
Make additional entries regarding scope, version etc. as required.

 2. Criteria for distribution


Enter the criteria for distribution in this section.
Possible criteria could be a storage path, meta data values, participants or any combination of the options available under "Criteria for distribution"

If any files are uploaded matching the criteria entered here, the files will be forwarded according to the configured "Distribution list" of the matrix.

3. Distribution list


The recipients of the automated distribution are added under "Digital distribution list".

Recipients can be project participants, distribution lists, workflows or repro services (repro configured separately under the second box "Repro distribution list").
Add dditional options for workflows from the options listed as necessary.

Click «SAVE» at the bottom of the page once all entries have been made!


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