Assigning Actions

The purpose of this article is to explain the functionality of assigning actions within the Contract Dashboard

To assign an action to a User, navigate to the Reminders page:


To assign an action to a User on the contract, select the reminder group of the event in which you wish to assign an action to. Within the right-hand side menu that appears, select the reminder in question and then select Add action in the pop-up window:


You will then be prompted to add an action owner by selecting a User from the drop-down list. The Action note field is a free text box where you can describe the action required. Once done, select Add:


Once actions are added to a reminder, the person icon will highlight and the number of actions assigned to that reminder will be present:


Clicking on the open action will display the below pop-up window:


From here you can open the edit form, view the event register, extend/discuss the reminder due date, add another action, and selecting View actions gives you the ability to mark an action as complete by selecting the tick box:


You can un-complete the action again if necessary by clicking the tick-box again.

Additionally, by selecting the 3 dots against the action you can mark the action as complete from here, and you can also open the event form, send an email prompt, and delete the action:


Creating an action does send an email to the Action User (provided their emails are enabled).

You are also able to download a list of filtered actions, or all actions by selecting the download icon highlighted below:


You can also view assigned actions via the Dashboard page, by selecting View my actions, or View all actions:


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