Web Viewer

The purpose of this article is to explain how you can use the web viewer to compare different plan drawing statues.

With the help of our web viewer, you can view drawings from your project room directly on the platform and do not need any additional software.

You can tell whether the web viewer is available for your project room by the eye symbol in the file column.

View files with the web viewer

To open files with the web viewer, click on the eye icon in front of the relevant PDF/DWG file.


A new window will now open in which your selected file will be displayed.


At the top right you still have the functions to switch between the individual pages, to zoom into the drawing or to print it out directly.

Compare two drawings with the web viewer

To compare two drawings with the Web Viewer, open the drawing management of your project room and mark the relevant drawing with a tick at the front.

Then click on the eye symbol in front of one of the drawing files.


A new window will open.

There the differences between the two drawings are marked in red and blue.

To see which color goes with which drawing, click on the information icon at the top right.


The respective file name is displayed here with a blue or red marking.



You can use the history function of the project room to easily compare successive drawing statuses. To do this, click on the clock symbol of the corresponding drawing.
The consecutive index statuses of the drawing are displayed here.
Then mark the two drawing statuses in the history that are to be compared. 


Screenshots are an example. The interface of your platform may look different, but the processes remain the same.

Some of the functions shown may differ slightly depending on the release version of your project room.

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