How do I execute script debugging within DESITE?

Script Debugging 

As background knowledge: all desktop applications of the DESITE product family (md, md pro, customshareshare pro) can be configured through command line switches. This means, that by starting the software some specific parameters could be passed to the executable file (.exe). Since DESITE BIM Version 3.0, the debugging with -scriptDebug [port] is enabled. The supported DESITE applications are: md, md pro. ​


desitemd.exe –scriptDebug

When script debugging is active, JavaScript errors in macros will trigger a debug window that allows you to inspect local variables, set breakpoints, etc. Furthermore, you can remote-debug WebForms. To do that, open up a separate Chromium-based browser (like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge) and navigate to the following address: http://localhost:1000 . Choose the WebForm you wish to inspect, and then you can analyse and debug the code with the usual Chromium developer tools.

The default port for remote debugging is 1000. If you want another port for some reason, you can pass it as a parameter, e.g. "-scriptDebug 1234" and its corresponding address: http://localhost:1234 . 


desitemd.exe –scriptDebug 1234

** Please note that –scriptDebug can have negative effects on performance. You should therefore use it only while developing or testing your code, not in production.

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