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Please note that the new CEMAR Analytics solution is still in its user-acceptance testing phase with further development work being completed. At this stage it is available to users with full access to analytics although will be available to all users in the final release. Please speak with your account manager if you wish to discuss further. 

The purpose of this article is to explore the overview page available within the new CEMAR Analytics.

The overview page can be accessed by selecting the Home icon from the left-hand menu:


The purpose of this page is to provide you with metrics which measure how effectively your contracts are being managed, highlighting the strong areas, and the areas which could be improved.

These metrics consist of cost, risk, time, quality and collaboration. Each of these is given a score (in percentage) and the overall score percentage is generated.

If you hover your mouse over the separate metrics, you will be displayed with a further breakdown of the score:


Hovering over the TP Contract Score title will display a question mark icon. Clicking this will open a pop-up which displays the values that feed into this score.



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