TP Contract Score and Overview Area

The purpose of this article is to explore the overview page and the TP Contract Score available within the New CEMAR Analytics solution.

The overview page can be accessed by selecting the Home icon from the left-hand menu:


This page provides metrics to observe how effectively your contracts are being managed, highlighting strong areas and areas which could be improved.

These metrics consist of cost, risk, time, quality and collaboration. Each of these is given a score (in percentage) which feeds into the overall TP Contract Score (on the left). 

Next to the TP Contract Score title is an information icon. Selecting this will direct you to the Contract Score Summary and Details pages where you can drill into the data and obtain further information.


You are also able to navigate to this area by selecting Contract Admin from the top horizontal tool bar followed by Contract Score. 

In the Contract Score Summary tab you'll find a breakdown of the percentage scores for the components of each metric, along with their associated weighting to the overall score. These are based off all the contracts (or the contract) that you have selected in the Contract Filtering area.


Heading into the Contract Score Details area will provide you with the metric scores for the selected contracts individually. 


The buttons in grey provide you with various options of reporting on the Contract Score. For example, you may choose to generate an overall score for each named manager for the Party 2. Selecting P2 manager will show you the overall contract score for each user listed as the Party 2 Manager on each of their contracts.


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