Overview of Modules

The purpose of this article it to give an overview of modules within Kairnial.

Once you have opened the desired project, you can navigate through the various modules using the menu at the bottom of the screen.


It is possible that you may not be able to view all the following modules. Contact your Kairnial Administrator for more information. 


Use the Dashboard to get a clearer picture of how your project is doing against Observations:


Use the Models to view, navigate and manage processes against multiple BIM models:


Use Plans to view, navigate and manage processes against high-resolution plans:


Use Observations to search, filter, view, and manage observation-based processes (i.e. Defects, Handover, Punch items, DLP, etc.):


Use Equipment to search, filter, view, and manage equipment-related processes (Commissioning, Compliance, Induction, etc.):


Use Control Forms to search, filter, view, and manage Control Forms-related processes (Audit, ITC, Safety walks, etc.):


Use Areas to search, filter, view, and manage progress against any defined Area:


Use Documents to access the latest version of key documents and deliverables (i.e. SWMS, Plans, Certificates, Specifications, etc.):


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