Synchronise your Project(s)

The purpose of this article is to explain how to synchronise your project(s).

Kairnial's full offline mode is a crucial component of our user experience.

This highly appreciated capability allows users to download, from the Web application to their Mobile application, all the project data they need (i.e. plans, models, photos, documents, etc.) for their inspections and progress walks. This simple but essential process is called Synchronisation.

It is possible to have multiple projects synchronised, but the synchronisation can only be done one project at a time.


You must have the device connected to the Internet to carry out synchronisation.

As part of our best practices, we always recommend to:

  • Synchronise your Mobile application BEFORE any inspections and progress walks so you have up-to-date information
  • Synchronise your Mobile application AFTER any inspections and progress walks so your data is stored and available on the Web application to other 


To synchronise, firstly open the app on your mobile device and then enter your user credentials.

Once done, select the project you wish to synchronise and then tap Synchronise:


If you are synchronising the selected project for the first time, it may be available in the section Remote Projects. If so, a screen will be displayed with specific synchronisation options:

  • Disable all Updates - This will erase all new data captured and/or edited during your inspection
  • Skip Photos Downloads - This will download data but ignore any associated photos. This is often selected if storage may be an issue
  • Remove un-selected plans - This will allow you to select the data you want to download only (i.e. specific model/plan assemblies, specific plans only, etc.). For more information on using Selective Synchronisation, click here
  • Diagnostic - This allows to start the synchronisation diagnostic. To be used only if a Kairnial Helpdesk representative asks you to do so

Tap Continue to launch the synchronization process:


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