Use the Selective Synchronisation

The purpose of this article is to explain how to use selecting synchronisation.

The Kairnial application allows you to synchronise all or some sets of models/plans of your project.

Once synchronised, only the selected models/plans are available (as well as the associated areas, observations, etc.).

Start by opening the app on your mobile device, and then enter your user credentials. Select the project you wish to synchronise, and then click Synchronise:


Select Remove un-selected plans (and related pins) and press Continue to see the plan selection screen:


Using the various filters you can:

    • Search for the names of the plans you wish to sync
    • Select an entire model/plan or choose to expand the category to show its individual plans

Click Done upon completion:



Users can ‘toggle’ the model/plan button on/off to quickly (un)select all plans in that category 


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