Cut Objects on a Model

The purpose of this article is to explain how to cut Objects on a Model.

In Kairnial, you can apply a progress status against objects in a model.

Sometimes, you need to cut the objects to better reflect the construction progress. For example, a roof or a floor slab is often shown as one whole component even though it is likely to be erected/poured in phases. In Kairnial, you can cut the desired objects on the field and apply the right status to show extremely accurate progress.

Start by opening the desired project and then click Models. Navigate and open the desired model(s) and then select an object on your model (i.e. a window, a wall, etc.). From here, click the blobid1.jpg icon:


If required, use the camera viewpoint (the default one is Top).

Use mobile gestures to navigate the object:

    1. Pan (drag with 2 fingers)
    2. Zoom in (pinch open with 2 fingers)
    3. Zoom out (pinch close with 2 fingers)

Use the buttons to move the line to reshape the object.

Click Save upon completion:


The cut area is now visible on the model and you can apply a progress status against it:


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