Models and Plans Overview

The purpose of this article is to give an overview of Models & Plans.

The various deliverables (plans and/or models) required for the use of the Kairnial solution are combined in groups of plans & models. This is the backbone for structuring the data through the different modules.

A project can include several groups of plans & models called Model/Plan Assemblies. For example, you can have one assembly per building, per asset, per discipline, etc, and manage permissions to restrict who can access it. The solution is flexible enough to support any type of project requirements.

In a Model/Plan Assembly, you can have a group of plans and models made up of models AND plans, but you can also have groups of plans & models with plans ONLY.

Thanks to the Kairnial viewer, you just need the floor plans (or general arrangements) to start your inspections and progress walks.

Kairnial allows you to set up advanced options, such as:

  • Areas - you can 'cut' areas on your drawings using the Web app to create specific views on your mobile device.
  • Plan Group - you can group plans together to treat them as a package of works and to leverage the layer management feature so you can overlay drawings for better onsite inspections.

Importantly, Kairnial supports the following format to create a group of plans & models:


  • DWG (.dwg)
  • PDF (.pdf)
  • PLAN package (a format used when publishing to Kairnial via our Revit Plugin)


  • Revit (.rvt)
  • IFC (.ifc)

Next Step

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