Filter a Plan by Areas

The purpose of this article is to explain how to filter a Plan by Areas.

The various deliverables (plans and/or models) required for the use of the Kairnial solution are combined in groups of plans & models called Model/Plan Assemblies.

Thanks to the Kairnial viewer, you just need the floor plans (or general arrangements) to start your inspections and progress walks.

In some cases, you may need to have more detailed views but don't have the relevant drawings for that.


Kairnial allows you to set up Areas (specific views that you 'cut' directly using the Web application on your plans) to bring more accuracy and clarity in your inspections.

Here is an example of a residential project.

General Arrangements were 'cut' to show more details such as the units, the common areas, etc.



  1. Open the desired project
  2. Click Plans
  3. Navigate and open the desired plan
  4. Click Areas on the toolbar at the top and a list of available areas is displayed on the left panel:


    5. Click the area you want to work on (add an observation, etc.):


    6. For instructions how to add an Observation to an area on a plan click here.

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