Cut Areas on a Plan

The purpose of this article is to explain how to cut areas on a Plan.

To see specific areas on the mobile device, you need to “cut” them in the web application, and if necessary, assign the set of plans that accompanies the area for use on the device.

  1. Click Models & Plans
  2. Click the Model/Plan Assembly you want to work on


  3. Click the Plans tab and select the plan preview you want to work on


  4. Once the plan is displayed, you can focus on the area to 'cut':
    • using the mouse wheel to zoom in/out
    • clicking and hold the left button of the mouse so you can pan the plan space
  5. When ready, click cut_icon.png on the toolbar
  6. You will notice that when you mouse over the plan, your mouse pointer will change to Cut_inactive.png.
    You need to hold the CTRL (PC) or Command (Mac) key and your mouse pointer will change to Cut_active.png, then left-click on the area you want to 'cut'. A small red square Red_square_cut_small.png  will appear on the plan

    Multiple options are available:
  • Left-click inside the square and hold to drag the square to a different location
  • Left-click on one of the four existing corner points and hold to drag the point to adjust your cut (polygonal)
  • If needed, left-click on any edge of the square and hold to drag this new midpoint to adjust your cut (polygonal)
  • If you need to delete a point, just double-click on it

  1. Once finished, enter a name for your new cut area

  2. If you do not have the supporting Plan Group, then click Save. If you do have a supporting Plan Group, click the + next to Area Target Group, select the Plan Group and click Save to finish the process


  3. Repeat this process until all areas you want to cut are complete

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