How to create a transmittal

The purpose of this article is to explain how to create a transmittal.

Using the Kairnial Web Application, it is possible to create transmittal sheets to accompany documents.


Please ensure the following permissions are enabled for the role:

  • Can create a Transmittal Statement (1200)
  • Can view a Transmittal Statement (1332)
  • Transmittal Statements (1337)
  • Can send Transmittal Statement for Printing (1263)


To create a transmittal you need to identify the drawings intended to be included on the transmittal.

  1. Click Documents
  2. Select the folder where the desired files are located
  3. Click the multi-select option and select the desired files
  4. Click the Packing Slip icon on the right panel


  5. Drag and drop the files to the location identified in the packing slip area
  6. Provide a title for the transmittal

  7. Click Preview Statement the generate a preview of your transmittal
  8. If you are satisfied, click Create Statement


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